New "countryCodes" query parameter for "Search customers" endpoint

Now you can use one more query parameter countryCodes for "Search customers" endpoint:

New 'deduplicationKey' parameter for the "Create batch" requests and changes to the "Delete batch" request

The deduplicationKey (UUID format) was added to the "Create batch request"; it's assigned during the creation via a query parameter. If a consecutive request is sent with the same ID, then we will reply with the memorized (for 1 hour) result for the first request.

New 'productCountRequired' and 'categoryCountRequired' parameters for store stats

New boolean parameters were added to the "Get store update stats" method:

The "taxExempt" parameter is added to customers search

You can now use the "taxExempt" query parameter to search for customers that do or don't have tax-exempt status.

The "customerTaxExempt" field is added to order calculation

When calculating order details, you can pass whether the customer is tax-exempt or not. By default, the settings from My Sales > Customers are used.

New REST API methods for Instant Site are available.

Now you can use new REST API methods for the following:

New "application.storageChanged" webhook event

The application.storageChanged webhook event is available now:

Specified response fields in GET requests

New feature released: now you can specify the exact fields you want to receive from GET request (instead of receiving full JSON):

Additional datepicker options for Order extra fields

Additional datepicker options are available for Order Extra fields. You can learn more in the following article:

Changes to the attribute update and creation process

When you create or update a product/variation, you can specify the attribute via the new name field instead of id. Also, the alias values were expanded with PRICE_PER_UNIT and UNITS_IN_PRODUCT values.