Add custom discount

With the Custom Discount API you can apply custom discounts to the order total when the customer is at the checkout.

Access scope required: customize_cart_calculation (see Access scopes)

Discount types examples

The Custom Discount API allows you to apply an absolute or percent discount to an order. While this sounds simple enough, it provides many possibilities and different ways to use it in a store. Examples:

  • Customer loyalty: when a customer from a VIP customer group is at the checkout, apply 5% discount.
  • Limited-time offers: enable or disable discounts based on a current date.
  • Apply discount to select products: when a customer adds a product from the sale category, apply 3% discount.
  • Local customer discount: if the customer’s location is in the same city as the store, apply a local discount of $5.
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGOF): when the customer puts a specific product in their cart, the app adds a new free product with the JS API. The app applies an absolute discount for the cost amount of that free product.
  • And many more!