Update store profile

Update basic store information in an Ecwid store: settings, store location, email, etc.


AuthorizationstringoAuth token with mandatory Bearer before it. Example: Bearer e***s0, where e***s0 should be replaced with your oAuth token.


A JSON object of type 'Profile' with the following fields:


All fields are optional. Omitted field will not be affected


generalInfo<GeneralInfo>Store basic data
account<Account>Store owner's account data
settings<Settings>Store general settings
mailNotifications<MailNotifications>Mail notifications settings
phoneNotifications<phoneNotifications>Phone notifications settings (for future usage).
company<Company>Company info
formatsAndUnits<FormatsAndUnits>Store formats/untis settings
languages<Languages>Store language settings
shipping<Shipping>Store shipping settings (only handling fee is included at the moment)
taxSettings<TaxSettings>Store taxes settings
zonesArray<Zone>Store destination zones
businessRegistrationID<BusinessRegistrationID>Company registration ID, e.g. VAT reg number or company ID, which is set under Settings / Invoice in Control panel
legalPagesSettings<LegalPagesSettingsDetails>Legal pages settings for a store (System Settings → General → Legal Pages)
designSettings<DesignSettingsInfo>Design settings of an Ecwid store. Can be overriden by updating store profile or by customizing design via JS config in storefront. If designSettings field is not provided in request, it will not be changed
productFiltersSettings<ProductFiltersSettings>Settings for product filters in a store
orderInvoiceSettings<OrderInvoiceSettings>Store settings for order invoices
taxInvoiceSettings<TaxInvoiceSettings>Store settings for tax invoices
registrationAnswers<RegistrationAnswers>Merchants' answers provided while registering their Ecwid accounts
tipsSettings<TipsSettings>Store settings for tips


storeUrlstringStorefront URL. If this field is empty in the store settings and omitted in the request, it will be automatically copied from the current Instant Site URL. When updating, make sure to add protocol to the URL (http:// or https://).
starterSite<InstantSiteInfo>Instant Site settings
websitePlatformstringWebsite platform that store is added to. Possible values: "wix", "wordpress", "iframe", "joomla", "yola", etc. Default is "unknown".


accountNamestringFull store owner name
accountNickNamestringStore owner nickname on the Ecwid forums


closedstringtrue if the store is closed for maintenance, false otherwise
storeNamestringThe store name displayed in Instant Site
storeDescriptionstringHTML description for the main store page – Store Front page
googleRemarketingEnabledbooleantrue if Remarketing with Google Analytics is enabled, false otherwise
googleAnalyticsIdstringGoogle Analytics ID connected to a store
fbPixelIdstringYour Facebook Pixel ID. This field is not returned if it is empty in the Ecwid Control Panel. Learn more
orderCommentsEnabledbooleanUse true to enable order comments feature, false otherwise
orderCommentsCaptionstringCaption for order comments field in storefront. If the value is empty, the default 'Order comments' caption will be used
orderCommentsRequiredbooleanUse true to require order comments to be filled, false otherwise
askZipCodebooleantrue if the zip code field is shown on the checkout ('Ask for a ZIP/postal code' in checkout settings is enabled), false otherwise
showPricePerUnitbooleantrue if the "Show price per unit" option is turned on, otherwise false
hideOutOfStockProductsInStorefrontbooleantrue if out of stock products are hidden in storefront, false otherwise. This setting is located in Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > General > Cart
askCompanyNamebooleantrue if "Ask for the company name" in checkout settings is enabled, false otherwise
favoritesEnabledbooleantrue if favorites feature is enabled for storefront, false otherwise
abandonedSales<AbandonedSalesSettings>Abandoned sales settings
salePrice<SalePriceSettings\Sale (compare to) price settings
showAcceptMarketingCheckboxbooleantrue if merchant shows the checkbox to accept marketing. false otherwise
acceptMarketingCheckboxDefaultValuebooleanDefault value for the checkbox at checkout to accept marketing
acceptMarketingCheckboxCustomTextstringCustom text label for the checkbox to accept marketing at checkout
acceptMarketingCheckboxCustomTextTranslated<Translations>Available translations for custom text label for the checkbox to accept marketing at checkout.
askConsentToTrackInStorefrontbooleantrue if merchant shows warning to accept cookies in storefront. false otherwise
snapPixelIdstringSnapchat pixel ID from your Snapchat business account
pinterestTagIdstringPinterest Tag Id from your Pinterest business account
googleTagIdstringGlobal site tag from your Google Ads account
googleEventIdstringEvent snippet from your Google Ads account
recurringSubscriptionsSettingsArray<RecurringSubscriptionsSettings>Recurring subscription settings information.
allowPreordersForOutOfStockProductsbooleantrue if pre-orders for out of stock products are allowed, false otherwise.


adminNotificationEmailsArray<string>Email addresses, which the store admin notifications are sent to
customerNotificationFromEmailstringThe email address used as the 'reply-to' field in the notifications to customers
customerOrderMessages<CustomerOrderMessages>Settings for email notifications that are automatically sent to customers to confirm their orders and keep them informed about the order progress
adminMessages<AdminMessages>Settings for email notifications that are automatically sent to the store owner and staff members
customerMarketingMessages<CustomerMarketingMessages>Settings for email notifications that are automatically sent to customers to engage them and increase store sales


orderConfirmation<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order confirmation emails. Supported settings: enabled, marketingBlockEnabled, discountCouponId
orderStatusChanged<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order status changed emails. Supported settings: enabled
orderIsReadyForPickup<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order is ready for pickup emails. Supported settings: enabled
downloadEgoods<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Download e-goods emails. Supported settings: enabled
orderShipped<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order shipped emails. Supported settings: enabled


newOrderPlaced<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for New order placed emails. Supported settings: enabled
lowStockNotification<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Low stock notification emails. Supported settings: enabled
weeklyStatsReport<MailNotificationsSettingss>Settings for weekly stats reports. Supported settings: enabled


abandonedCartRecovery<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order confirmation emails. Supported settings: enabled, marketingBlockEnabled, discountCouponId
favoriteProductsReminder<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order status changed emails. Supported settings: enabled, discountCouponId
feedbackRequest<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order is ready for pickup emails. Supported settings: enabled, discountCouponId
customerLoyaltyAppreciation<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order confirmation emails. Supported settings: enabled, discountCouponId
inactiveCustomerReminder<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order status changed emails. Supported settings: enabled, discountCouponId
purchaseAnniversary<MailNotificationsSettings>Settings for Order is ready for pickup emails. Supported settings: enabled, discountCouponId


enabledbooleantrue if emails are enabled, false otherwise
marketingBlockEnabledbooleantrue if the marketing block for emails is enabled, false otherwise
discountCouponIdnumberid of the discount coupon added to emails


adminNotificationPhonesArray of stringsPhone numbers that are used for store admin notifications, supports up to 100 phone numbers (for future usage).


showRecurringSubscriptionsInControlPanelbooleantrue if recurring subscriptions feature is visible in admin panel, false otherwise.


System Settings → General → Store Profile

companyNamestringThe company name displayed on the invoice
emailstringCompany (store administrator) email
streetstringCompany address. 1 or 2 lines separated by a new line character
citystringCompany city
countryCodestringA two-letter ISO code of the country
postalCodestringPostal code or ZIP code
stateOrProvinceCodestringState code (e.g. NY) or a region name. See valid codes here: https://api-docs.ecwid.com/reference/list-of-state-codes.
phonestringCompany phone number


System settings → General → Formats & Units.

currencystring3-letters code of the store currency (ISO 4217). Examples: USD, CAD
currencyPrefixstringCurrency prefix (e.g. $)
currencySuffixstringCurrency suffix
currencyGroupSeparatorstringPrice thousands separator. Supported values: space " ", dot ".", comma "," or empty value "".
currencyDecimalSeparatorstringPrice decimal separator. Possible values: . or ,
currencyTruncateZeroFractionalbooleanHide zero fractional part of the prices in storefront. true or false .
currencyRatenumberCurrency rate in U.S. dollars, as set in the merchant control panel
weightUnitstringWeight unit. Supported values: CARAT, GRAM, OUNCE, POUND, KILOGRAM
weightPrecisionnumberNumbers of digits after decimal point in weights displayed in the store
weightGroupSeparatorstringWeight thousands separator. Supported values: space " ", dot ".", comma "," or empty value ""
weightDecimalSeparatorstringWeight decimal separator. Possible values: . or ,
weightTruncateZeroFractionalbooleanHide zero fractional part of the weight values in storefront. true or false .
dateFormatstringDate format. Only these formats are accepted: "dd-MM-yyyy", "dd/MM/yyyy", "dd.MM.yyyy", "MM-dd-yyyy", "MM/dd/yyyy", "yyyy/MM/dd", "MMM d, yyyy", "MMMM d, yyyy", "EEE, MMM d, ''yy", "EEE, MMMM d, yyyy"
timeFormatstringTime format. Only these formats are accepted: "HH:mm:ss", "HH:mm", "hh:mm:ss a", "hh:mm a"
timezonestringStore timezone, e.g. Europe/Moscow
dimensionsUnitstringProduct dimensions units. Possible values: IN,CM,MM,YD
orderNumberPrefixstringOrder number prefix in a store
orderNumberSuffixstringOrder number suffix in a store
orderNumberMinDigitsAmountnumberMinimum digits amount of an order number (can be 0-19 digits).
orderNumberNextNumbernumberNext order number in a store (should be more than 0).
addressFormat<addressFormat>Address format: plain and multiline formats. Displays the way address is written according to the requirements of the country set up in the profile settings. Supports the following variables: %NAME%, %COMPANY_NAME%, %STREET%, %CITY%, %STATE_NAME% %POSTAL%, %COUNTRY_NAME%.


plainstringSingle line address format, with a delimiter.
multilinestringMultiline address format.


System Settings → General → Languages

enabledLanguagesArray<string>A list of enabled languages in the storefront. Use first item to set default storefront language
defaultLanguagestringISO code of the default language in store


System Settings → Shipping

handlingFee<HandlingFee>Handling fee settings


System Settings → Shipping → Handling Fee

namestringHandling fee name set by store admin. E.g. Wrapping
valuenumberHandling fee value. If handling fee is 0 then it's disabled.
descriptionstringHandling fee description for customer


System Settings → Taxes

automaticTaxEnabledbooleantrue if taxes are calculated automatically, else otherwise
taxesArray<Taxes>Manual tax settings for a store. To create a new tax, send all existing taxes and add a new one to the array, without id field
pricesIncludeTaxbooleantrue if store has "gross prices" setting enabled. false if store has "net prices" setting enabled.
ukVatRegisteredbooleanIf true and order is sent from EU to UK - charges VAT for orders less than GBP 135.
euIossEnabledbooleanIf true and order is sent to EU - charges VAT for orders less than EUR 150. For Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS).


idnumberUnique internal ID of the tax
namestringDisplayed tax name
enabledbooleanWhether tax is enabled true / false
includeInPricebooleantrue if the tax rate is included in product prices. More details: Taxes in Ecwid
useShippingAddressbooleantrue if the tax is calculated based on shipping address, false if billing address is used
taxShippingbooleantrue is the tax applies to subtotal+shipping cost . false if the tax is applied to subtotal only
appliedByDefaultbooleantrue if the tax is applied to all products. false is the tax is only applied to thos product that have this tax enabled
defaultTaxnumberTax value, in %, when none of the destination zones match
rulesArray<TaxRule>Tax rates


zoneIdstringDestination zone ID
taxnumberTax rate for this zone in %


System Settings → Zones

idstringUnique internal zone ID
namestringZone displayed name
countryCodesArray<string>Country codes this zone includes
stateOrProvinceCodesArray<string>State or province codes the zone includes
postCodesArray<string>Postcode (or zip code) templates this zone includes. More details: Destination zones in Ecwid
geoPolygonsArray <GeoPolygons>Dot coordinates of the polygon (if destination zone is created using Zone on Map).


<COORDINATES>Array of arraysEach array contains coordinates of a single dot of the polygon. See an example below:
"geoPolygons": [


namestringID name, e.g. Vat ID, P.IVA, ABN
valuestringID value


System Settings → General → Instant site

ecwidSubdomainstringStore subdomain on ecwid.com domain, e.g. mysuperstore in mysuperstore.ecwid.com (will be ignored if you update with the subdomain that already exists)
customDomainstringCustom Instant site domain, e.g. www.mysuperstore.com More info: Buying custom domains


System Settings → General → Legal Pages

requireTermsAgreementAtCheckoutbooleantrue if customers must agree to store's terms of service at checkout
legalPages<LegalPagesInfo>Information about the legal pages set up in a store


enabledbooleantrue if legal page is shown at checkout process, false otherwise
titlestringLegal page title
titleTranslated< Translations>Available translations for legal page title.
displaystringLegal page display mode – in a popup or on external URL. One of: "INLINE", "EXTERNAL_URL"
textstringHTML contents of a legal page
textTranslated< Translations>Available translations for legal page text.
externalUrlstringURL to external location of a legal page


DESIGN_CONFIG_FIELD_NAMEstring or booleanStore design settings as seen in storefront design customization. If a specific config field is not provided, it will not be changed


enabledInStorefrontbooleantrue if product filters are enabled in storefront. false otherwise.
filterSections<ProductFiltersSections>Specific product filters in a store. Use PUT method to add/update/delete these


namebooleanName of the product field. Works only with OPTION and ATTRIBUTE filter types and is required for them
typebooleanType of specific product filter. Possible values: PRICE, IN_STOCK, ON_SALE, CATEGORIES, SEARCH, OPTION, ATTRIBUTE
enabledbooleantrue if specific product filter is enabled. false otherwise


autoAbandonedSalesRecoverybooleantrue if abandoned sale recovery emails are sent automatically, false otherwise


displayOnProductListbooleantrue if sale price is displayed on product list and product details page. false if sale price is displayed on product details page only
oldPriceLabelstringText label for sale price name
oldPriceLabelTranslated< Translations>Translations for sale price text labels
displayDiscountstringShow discount in three modes: "NONE", "ABS" and "PERCENT


displayOrderInvoicesbooleanIf false, Ecwid will disable printing and viewing order invoices for customer and store admin. If true, order invoices will be available to view and print.
attachInvoiceToOrderEmailNotificationsstringPossible values: "ATTACH_TO_ALL_EMAILS", "DO_NOT_ATTACH".
invoiceLogoUrlstringInvoice logo URL. Use Upload invoice logo endpoint to change the logo


taxInvoiceLogoUrlstringInvoice logo URL
enableTaxInvoicesbooleanIf false, Ecwid will disable printing and viewing tax invoices for customer and store admin. If true, tax invoices will be available to view and print
attachTaxInvoiceToOrderEmailNotificationsstringPossible values: "ATTACH_TO_ALL_EMAILS", "DO_NOT_ATTACH".
generateInvoicesAutomaticallystringPossible values: "DISABLED", "ON_ORDER_PLACED", "WHEN_ORDER_PLACED", "WHEN_ORDER_PAID", "WHEN_ORDER_SHIPPED"
taxInvoiceIdMinDigitsAmountnumberMinimal digits amount for tax number
taxInvoiceIdNextNumbernumberNumber of the next tax invoice


facebook<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Facebook page
instagram<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Instagram page
twitter<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Twitter page
youtube<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Youtube page
vk<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Vkontakte page
pinterest<SocialLinksSettings>Settings for the Pinterest page


urlstringURL for the social media page


alreadySellingstringAnswer to the question "Do you already have experience selling online?", supported values: getting_started, offline_only, online_different, looking_around
goodsstringAnswer to the question "What type of products will you be selling?", supported values: apparel, art, auto, books, electronics, food_restaurant, food_ecommerce, gifts, hardware, health, home, jewelry, office, pet, services, sports, toys, tobacco, adult, notsure, other
otherGoodsstringApplicable if the field goods has value other. Merchant's text answer to the question "Your goods?"
forSomeonestringAnswer to the question "Are you setting up a store for someone else?", supported values: yes or no
websitestringAnswer to the question "Do you already have a website?", supported values: yes or no
platformstringApplicable if the field website has value yes. Answer to the question "What website platform do you use?", supported values: joomla, rapid_weaver, wordpress, wix, weebly, blogspot, drupal, custom_site, not_sure, other
customPlatformstringApplicable if the field platform has value other. Merchant's text answer to the question "Your platform?"


enabledbooleantrue if enabled, false otherwise
typestringSupported values: 'ABSOLUTE', 'PERCENT'
optionsarrayArray with 3 number values, e.g. '[0, 5, 10]'. Each value defines tip amount.
defaultOptionnumberDefault tip amount. It must match with any value from the 'options' array.
titlestringTip title
subTitlestringTip subtitle
titleTranslated<Translations>Available translations for tip title
subtitleTranslated<Translations>Available translations for tip subtitle


<ISO_LANG_CODE>stringTranslations for each available language. If no other translations are provided, the default language translations is returned. See available languages in store language settings


A JSON object of type 'UpdateStatus' with the following fields:


updateCountnumberThe update status (1 – success or 0 – fail, depending on whether the update was successful)
successbooleantrue if the coupon has been updated, false otherwise


In case of error, Ecwid responds with an error HTTP status code

HTTP codes

HTTP StatusMeaning
400Request parameters are malformed
402Cannot update settings because the limit of number of zones or taxes is reached
409Cannot update profile because such nickname or email is already registered in the system
415Unsupported content-type: expected application/json or text/json
500Cannot retrieve the coupon info because of an error on the server