Update category

Update an existing category in an Ecwid store referring to its ID.


AuthorizationstringoAuth token with mandatory Bearer before it. Example: Bearer e***s0, where e***s0 should be replaced with your oAuth token.


A JSON object of type 'Category' with the following fields:


namestringCategory name
nameTranslated<Translations>Available translations for category name
customSlugstringA custom slug set for the category URL.
parentIdnumberID of the parent category
orderBynumberSort order of the category in the parent category subcategories list with a step of 10, e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.
descriptionstringThe category description in HTML
descriptionTranslated<Translations>Available translations for category description
enabledbooleantrue to make category enabled, false to disable it. true is default
productIdsArray<number>IDs of the products to assign to the category


<ISO_LANG_CODE>stringTranslations for each available language. If no other translations are provided, the default language translations is returned. See available languages in store language settings


A JSON object of type 'UpdateStatus' with the following fields:


updateCountnumberThe number of updated categories (1 or 0 depending on whether the update was successful)


In case of error, Ecwid responds with an error HTTP status code and, optionally, JSON-formatted body containing error description

HTTP codes

HTTP StatusMeaning
400Malformed request parameters
400Category name must not be empty
404The parent category or one of the assigned products is not found
409There was a conflict modifying the store (updating a category while it's being edited elsewhere). Retry later.
415Unsupported content-type: expected application/json or text/json
449Store catalog cannot be modified at the moment because import is in progress. Retry later.
500Server error