Get sales channel info

Get the information about the marketplaces configuration and the feed info in the read-only format.

Possible values of {saleschannel}: google_shopping, yandex_market, shopzilla, yahoo_shopping


Access scopes required: read_store_profile


AuthorizationstringoAuth token with mandatory Bearer before it. Example: Bearer e***s0, where e***s0 should be replaced with your oAuth token.


A JSON object containing the marketplaces configuration data and the feed info with the following fields:

marketplaceConfigArray Information about marketplace’s configurations
conditionstringthe marketplace’s condition, available for google_shopping, shopzilla and yahoo_shopping
storebooleanpossible values: true and false, available only for yandex_market
manufacturerWarrantybooleanpossible values: true and false, available only for yandex_market
pickupbooleanpossible values: true and false, available only for yandex_market
adultbooleanpossible values: true and false, available only for yandex_market
productFeedInfoArray Information about state of the products for marketplaces


enabledbooleantrue if enabled, false otherwise
firstInitbooleanpossible values: true and false
accessKeystringaccess key value


In case of error, Ecwid responds with an error HTTP status code and, optionally, JSON-formatted body containing error description

HTTP codes

HTTP StatusDescription
400Request parameters are malformed
403Access token doesn't have read_store_profile scope
404The info is not found
405Method not allowed. Can occur when using POST instead of GET HTTP request method
415Unsupported content-type: expected application/json or text/json
500Cannot retrieve the info because of an error on the server

Error response body (optional)

errorMessagestringError message