Getting started


This documentation describes Ecwid API basics, tells you about getting API access, and shows different ways to use API for your tasks. It doesn't matter if you want to add a little customization for your Ecwid store or develop a huge application for Ecwid App Market - you'll find all the answers here!

Get API access for your Ecwid store

Store owners can easily get API access for their stores by getting a custom application on the page (works in read-only mode).

When you open this page for the first time, you'll get your first custom application automatically. When it's created, go to its 'Details' page and copy its secret_token to access REST API. More on tokens here: Access tokens

Please note, that custom applications do not interact with stores on their own. By default, they only provide REST API access through tokens. However, custom apps can be further customized to grant some other features like custom scripts/shipping or payment options.

If you develop a customization for one of our clients, ask the store owner to get a custom application and provide you with its details (tokens, scopes).

Develop an app for Ecwid App Market

Our App Market welcomes any developer who wishes to bring new or improve existing e-commerce functionalities. Please fill out the form and we'll get back to you with the details on how to proceed with publishing your app.

Also, feel free to join our developer community on Slack.

Updating applications

Every application has a set of settings. You can interact with 3 sets of settings:

  • Application scopes
  • Application tokens
  • Details for App Market card (public applications only)

Any of these application settings can be updated only on our side. There are three options for requesting application settings update:

  • On, open your app settings page through the "Details" button, then scroll down to the "Contact" button. Click it to open the application update form and describe the changes you need there. We'll receive your request and the name of your custom app application.
  • Contact us at [email protected] and tell us your application name/client_id and what changes you need.
  • Send us a general contact form telling us your app name/client_id and describing the changes you need:

We'll update your application in no time and write you back when it's updated!

White-label applications

Ecwid is a unique e-commerce platform that has the opportunity to be a white-label solution for partners who would like to build e-commerce functionality into their services. Some of the apps from our App Market are available to these partners. This creates additional value for their customers and it is also beneficial for developers because WL-compatibility increases the number of potential app users by up to 60%.

To ensure a seamless experience for our diverse user base, we kindly request that you adhere to the following brand-neutral guidelines when developing and submitting your apps: White-label guide

API Platform changelog

Check out the latest changes made to the API Platform in our changelog:

Changelog RSS Feed

Subscribe to the RSS feed and get notified each time a new changelog post is published. This way, you'll automatically get the most recent updates about new API features and improvements.

Use any RSS Feed Reader to subscribe to our RSS feed.

How to install an RSS Feed Reader:

For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can do it this way:

  1. Go to the "Chrome web store".
  2. Type "RSS" in the search field, or just click here to open the page with the needed search results.
  3. Choose any RSS extension that you like, open its page, and click "Add to Chrome".
  4. Follow the instructions for the extension's installation, if there are ones.

When you have the RSS extension, you can open our changelog RSS Feed and subscribe to it.

How to subscribe to the changelog RSS feed:

  1. Go to the page with the changelog RSS feed:
  2. Subscribe to the feed by following it via your RSS extension.
    For example, if you use the "Feeder" extension for Google Chrome, you need to click the "Follow" button in the banner at the top of the page.
    If you use the "RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)", you need to click "Subscribe now" at the top of the page in the newly opened tab.

If you have any questions about subscribing to the changelog RSS feed, feel free to contact us.