Access scopes

Scopes are permissions that identify the scope of access your application requests from the user. Below you can see the names of access scopes that exist in Ecwid API and their description.

Each application has a specified set of access scopes that are required for this application. If you specify additional scopes, that exceed the specified ones for the app in Ecwid, you will see an error message. So if you need to add more access scopes - please contact us to update your app.

Access scopeNotes
read_store_profileGet store name and general settings, get store admin email, get updates statistics etc. Requested in all cases even if not specified
update_store_profileSet taxes, update invoice logo, change Starter Site domain, close store for maintenance, etc.
read_store_limitsGet store limits and restrictions, e.g. maximum number of available products.
read_catalogSearch products, get product options/variations etc. Also allows receiving push updates (webhooks) about changes in-store products.
update_catalogUpdate product prices, upload images, and e-goods, modify product attributes, delete products and categories, etc.
create_catalogCreate new products
read_ordersGet sales for a given period, retrieve order details, etc. Also allows receiving push updates (webhooks) about changes in-store orders.
update_ordersChange order totals, switch order status, cancel orders, delete orders, etc. Requires read_orders scope to function
create_ordersPlace a new order in the store
read_customersSearch customers or retrieve some particular customer data
update_customersChange customer profile data, add items to the customer address book, delete customers, etc.
create_customersAdd a new customer to the store's Customers list
read_discount_couponsGet the list of discount coupons or retrieve some particular coupon details
update_discount_couponsChange the coupon expiration date or limit its number of use, update coupon code, delete coupon codes, etc.
create_discount_couponsAdd a new discount coupon
customize_storefrontAttach a custom JS/CSS to the storefront on the fly to modify its look and feel (see Customize appearance)
add_to_cpAdd a new tab to merchant control panel (see Embedding apps)
add_shipping_methodAdd a new shipping method to the store (see Add shipping method)
add_payment_methodAdd a new payment method to the store (see Add payment method)
public_storefrontGet public store details with the public access token
customize_cart_calculationApply custom discounts to orders in real-time (See Add custom discount)
read_invoicesGet the invoices. Allows receiving push updates (webhooks) about creating and deleting store invoices.
chargeCharge through Ecwid billing. Required for the Charge requests via an app.
read_store_statsGet a store's statistic information
read_staffGet information about staff accounts in a store
invite_staffSend and resend staff account invites
delete_staffRevoke sent invitation and delete staff account
read_subscriptionsAllows to get information about subscriptions
update_subscriptionsAllows update the details of subscriptions
read_brandsAllows to search product brands