Get domains

Get information about all store domains bought for Ecwid Instant Site.


AuthorizationstringoAuth token with mandatory Bearer before it. Example: Bearer e***s0, where e***s0 should be replaced with your oAuth token.


A JSON array with the following fields:

instantSiteDomain<InstantSiteDomain>Details for the currently enabled store domain
purchasedDomainsarray of [<PurchasedDomains>]Array with objects containing details for each domain attached to store


primaryInstantSiteDomainstringMain domain for the Instant Site, based on the ecwidSubdomain
primaryInstantSiteDomainStatusstringPossible values: connected if the primaryInstantSiteDomain is connected to the Instant Site and works already, pending if the primaryInstantSiteDomain is still being configured
ecwidSubdomainstringSubdomain of the default Instant Site URL.
instantSiteIpAddressstringIP address used to connect a custom domain with the Instant Site. It's also available in the Control Panel on the #website-overview:section=mobile-domain page.
instantSiteUrlstringCurrent Instant Site URL, based on the ecwidSubdomain
thirdPartyVendorDomainstringCustom domain specified in the Control Panel settings. Has the same value as the customDomain in the Instant Site Info


idnumberInternal ID of purchased domain
namestringPurchased domain name, e.g. ""
statusstringStatus of purchased domain
connectedToInstantSitebooleanShows if this domain is connected to Instant Site. Available values: true, false
primaryDomainbooleanShows if this domain is the main one. Available values: true, false
redirectToPrimaryDomainbooleanShows if this domain redirects to the main one. Displays only if the "primaryDomain": false. Available values: true, false
purchaseDatestringDate of domain purchase
expirationDatestringDate of domain expiration
renewalDatestringDate of next charge for domain renewal
autorenewbooleanShows if automatic renewal charge is enabled. Available values: true, false
domainRegistrantInfo<DomainRegistrantInfo>Domain owner details specified in purchase process
billingInfo<DomainBillingInfo>Domain billing information


verificationStatusstring"verified" if the verification is complete
firstNamestringFirst name of domain owner
lastNamestringLast name of domain owner
emailstringEmail address of domain owner
streetstringStreet address
citystringCity address
countryCodestringA two-letter ISO code of country where domain owner lives
postalCodestringPostal code or ZIP code
stateOrProvinceCodestringState code (e.g. NY) or a region name. See valid codes here:
phonestringPhone number of domain owner
companyNamestringThe company name used in domain purchase


totalRenewalDomainPricenumberTotal price for domain renewal
renewalDomainPricenumberPrice of domain
renewalTaxnumberTax for domain price
whoisPrivacyFeaturePricenumberPrice for the "whois Privacy" feature
currencystringCurrency for domain renewal, e.g. "USD"
totalRenewalDomainPriceFormattedstringFormatted total price for domain renewal, e.g. "$99.00"