Customizations for a single store

If you are creating an application/customization for a particular Ecwid store, you can get single-store API access tokens (both private and public) without implementing oAuth on your side. These tokens are generated automatically when you create a custom application in the Ecwid Control Panel on the Develop Apps page (available to store owners and full-access staff accounts).

Custom applications don't affect stores on their own, but they grant API access through tokens. By default, these tokens only allow access to order and product endpoints in REST API, but you can ask for more permissions (scopes) and endpoints for your app. To do so, please contact us at [email protected].

In case you are building a custom project for a client and don't have access to their Control Panel, ask them to visit Develop Apps page and share a token from a custom app with you. Do not share private tokens (secret_token) anywhere on the Net or in publically available code!