Respond with discounts

    "discounts": [
          "value": 20,
          "type": "ABSOLUTE",
          "description": "T-shirt for free for orders over $100",
          "appliesToProducts": [45723490,35498525]
          "value": 10,
          "type": "PERCENT",
          "description": "10% off. Thanks for liking us on Facebook!"

An array of JSON data of type 'CustomDiscounts' with the following fields:


valuenumberDiscount amount
typenumberDiscount type: ABSOLUTE or PERCENT. Default is ABSOLUTE
descriptionstringDiscount description. Is displayed to customer at cart page and in order details
appliesToProductsArray of numbersDetermines which products (product IDs ) in cart will get the discount applied to them. If appliesToProducts is an empty array or not specified, the discount will spread out evenly towards all products in cart.


Bold fields are mandatory.