My shipping method does not display

You created an app and installed it on your test store, but a new shipping method, returned by your resource, is not appearing when you open your store. There are several possible reasons for this:

  • The application is not configured properly to add a shipping method at checkout. E.g. during registration, you haven't provided a link for Ecwid to send the requests to when customer is at checkout or the URL is incorrect. See Set up shipping method for the details.
  • add_shipping_method access scope is missing in the list of requested scopes while installing the app. While creating an oAuth URL or installing your app from an app details page, make sure it incudes the add_to_cp scope in the list of requested permissions.
  • The response format from your resource is incorrect. Ecwid accepts response from shipping applications in a strict format, so please make sure your endpoint is responding correctly back to Ecwid with the correct shipping methods.
  • The response from your resource has exceeded 10 second timeout. When Ecwid sends a request for additional shipping methods to external resources, it expects to get a response within the 10 second timeout period. Make sure that your service is able to provide response in that time period. Otherwise, if no response is received in that time period the surrogate shipping option will be created and displayed as Free Shipping at checkout.
  • You're testing it in an Ecwid store which is on Free plan. Ecwid API functionality is available on paid Ecwid plans only. Please upgrade your account or contact us.