API Features


REST API allows your application to manage a store on behalf of a user. Create products, update orders, delete a customer, and many many more.

Check out all available methods: About Ecwid REST API

Native Apps

Will your app have a settings page for a user to update quickly? Place it right in Ecwid Control Panel! It is a great way to put your app upfront to the users and let them use it more often.

More information: Native applications


Webhooks allow you to get instant notification after an event occurred in a store. Send information to accounting right after an order was placed, send a note after a product was updated - it's totally up to you.

More information: About webhooks

Order Extra Fields

Save technical information about an order in its details or add new fields to the store checkout process with Order Extra Fields.

More information: Order extra fields

Add Shipping Method

Custom Shipping API allows you to add new shipping methods in an Ecwid store as if they were available out of the box. Merchant can configure the integration in Ecwid Control Panel and new shipping methods will be displayed at checkout for store customers.

More information: Add shipping method

Add Payment Method

Custom Payment API allows you to add new payment methods to an Ecwid store. Merchant will install your app, set it up and they will be able to accept payments through your payment system for orders in their store.

More information: Add payment method

Add Custom Discount

Custom Discount API allows you to apply a custom discount amount to an order being placed at the moment. Merchant can configure the discount rules in their Ecwid Control Panel using the Native apps feature and customers will have discounts on their orders according to those rules at checkout.

More information: Add custom discount

Application Storage

Application storage is a key/value storage that can serve as a database for your application and a way to send details to the user's storefront. All data is kept on Ecwid servers, so you don't need to worry about keeping the data safe.

More information: Application storage

Storefront customization

Ecwid has a beautifully designed storefront that is aimed to direct customers to make a purchase in a store. If you want to customize how it looks or its logic - you can do that too: attach an external Javascript file or adapt a store to make it stylish.

More information: Customize storefront

Storefront Single Sign-On

Ecwid is a widget, that can be inserted into any website. Many websites have their own login functionality as well as Ecwid. To allow customers to sign in to their account in the storefront automatically right after they sign in to the merchant's website or service, use the Single Sign-On feature. It will save customers' time and let them concentrate on shopping in the store.

More information: Single Sign On (SSO)

Use cases

Social marketing

Create an application that will get product details from an Ecwid store and provide users the option to share and schedule posts to social media accounts with products from their Ecwid store.

Suggested API requests:

Product marketplace

Get product details from a store to display them on a marketplace. Use webhooks to notify the marketplace about product changes.

Suggested API features:

Fulfillment service

Synchronize store catalog with the fulfillment service of your choice. Update stock levels in both systems based on new orders in the store.

Suggested API features:

Affiliate program

Get information about new orders and provide commissions to your ambassadors. Use webhooks to get order details after it was placed.

Suggested API features:

Custom content in the storefront

Create an app to show custom content in the storefront. The store owner can update it using your app interface in Ecwid Control Panel.

Suggested API features:

Membership system for customers

Use customer groups in the store as a tool to manage memberships. Provide discounts to regular shoppers like absolute discount or free shipping.

Suggested API features:

Storefront Themes

Customizing Ecwid's design never been easier - apply your CSS file to all storefronts of a specific store. Help Ecwid users adapt the design of their storefront for their business or a website.

Suggested API features:

Learn more on how to create a theme for Ecwid: https://developers.ecwid.com/how-to-create-a-theme-for-an-ecwid-store