Returns enabled or disabled storefront features we released over the years and just recently.

var ecwidFeatureTogglesInfo = Ecwid.getFeatureToggles();


// {
//  newProductList: true, 
//  newDetailsPage: true,
//  customerLoginByLink: true,
//  newCartPage: true,
//  newCheckoutPage: true
// }

Returned fields:

newProductListbooleantrue if new product listing is enabled in a store. false otherwise
newDetailsPagebooleantrue if new product details page is enabled in a store. false otherwise. Learn more
customerLoginByLinkbooleantrue if customers log in to store by link. false otherwise. Learn more
newCartPagebooleantrue if latest version of the cart page is enabled for store. Is always true when newCheckoutPage is also true. false otherwise. Learn more
newCheckoutPagebooleantrue if latest version of the checkout process is enabled in a store. false otherwise

Subscribe to the Ecwid.OnAPILoaded JS API event to ensure availability of this function.