Adjust variation inventory

Decrease or increase qty in stock for specific variation

When your integration changes in stock quantity of product variation in a store pretty often, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of how many items are actually in stock. For example, when at one point of time you have 3 items in stock and 5 in the very next second, then using the specific values can result in incorrect stock quantity.

This method solves this very problem: you can increase or decrease the product variation's stock quantity by a delta quantity. For example, if you need to decrease quantity by 10 items, you can use this method.

This method is also available for product inventory

You can use the checkLowStockNotification as a request parameter. If true, makes Ecwid check whether the low stock email notification needs to be sent to merchant after request is sent.


AuthorizationstringoAuth token with mandatory Bearer before it. Example: Bearer e***s0, where e***s0 should be replaced with your oAuth token.


A JSON object of type 'Inventory' with the following fields:


quantityDeltanumberDelta value used to update product quantity. Negative value will decrease quantity, positive one will increase it.


A JSON object of type 'InventoryAdjustmentStatus' with the following fields:


updateCountnumberThe number of updated products (1 or 0 depending on whether the update was successful)
warningstringInventory update warning(optional). For example, the warning will display if the stock became negative


In case of error, Ecwid responds with an error HTTP status code and, optionally, JSON-formatted body containing error description

HTTP codes

HTTP StatusDescription
400Request parameters are malformed: SKU for combination is not set, etc.
402This functionality is not available on this plan
404Product not found
415Unsupported content-type: expected application/json or text/json
500Could not process the request, internal server error

Error response body (optional)

errorMessagestringError message